Authors Uniting :)

Today I had the pleasure to take the couple blocks down to the Coatesville Savings Bank to attend a book signing with Karol Collins, Author to the book Images o Modern America: Coatesville, as well as making the acquaintance o Bruce E. Mowdy.  I brought along, with me, one o Bruce’s books Images o America Coatesville and had it made out to my mother, Suzanne, as it is technically her book…I did not realize that I had another one o Bruce’s books ,Jailing the Johnsons, so I will have to get that one signed at the next event.  Both were very generous to allow me to have a photo taken with them-now I have a treasured moment captured, in time, with 3 published authors that have come up in our memorable city o Coatesville.  It was a pleasant reception and both took the time to have a little conversation about my book, The Lemon Day!  A great experience and they will be there until about 2 pm today-really should check them out!


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