Got caught in the act…

14481739_1052755844822067_4883574580134492833_oLooking through one out o 18, I believe, P.U.L.L. little library stations in town where you can “take a book, read a book, leave a book.”  Jan Michner, establisher, AHH&H (arts holding hands and hearts, inc.)img_20160922_144534920-1 snapped our photo 🙂 I was more than happy to meet her acquaintance today.  I told her about The Lemon Day and she invited me to read it this Monday at 10 am at an activity she has begun entitled:

Family Storytime Yoga

at the Gordon Early Literacy Center.  She relayed, to me, that their most important aim is to “inspire people to honor and respect diversity”-Wow, what a great asset this organization is to our youth and I could not say enough about how much Jan really was a gem to meet in person.  I had heard about her, here and there, and I told her I will be more than willing to read my book wherever & whenever I can.

more can be seen about the AHHAH:


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