Things you may or may not have known about “The Lemon Day”, but were afraid to ask-see below…

15 Things about The Lemon Day by, Emily Rays

  1. I dedicated it to my own mother as she always created little stories, with me, when I was little.
  2. When the mood is positive the clouds have silver linings.
  3. My children are all featured in the book as characters.
  4. The groundskeeper, Freddie, is based on my husband, but Freddie is the name of my cat.
  5. There is a first edition copy where page 4 says, “At last he was a spy ready for the show” that was changed at the last minute (publisher & my mom have the original version).
  6. Evil villain character represents everyone that tries to put people down.
  7. Mother magnificent character symbolizes me (friend nicknamed me once, “Magnificent-Maggie”).
  8. Every illustration is the original drawing, i.e page 9 is a total cover-up (chimney is base on one of my husband’s actual jobs he once did).
  9. Page numbers are started on the first illustration page where they should begin on the first page of text (noticed at the last minute, but I said to keep it so the book would appear “different”.
  10. Difference & acceptance of is accentuated with not only the way most characters find silly names for things, but also to point out the tensions immigrants feel in this country.
  11. The red castle door was inspired by a local church in my hometown.
  12. Being yourself without being too serious is the moral of the story.
  13. My first public reading when I got to the “food for thought section” I made a comment how I thought that was funny & a boy leaned in saying, “it’s not that funny” (I leaned back & said, “yes, it is”).
  14. My middle name is Emilia & last part of my last name is Reyes=Emily Rays.
  15. Most asked question, “How long did it take to complete the book?” Answer: 10 minutes for the story line & 2 months for the pictures 🙂

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