Emily Rays has enjoyed writing and illustrating since being a young child.  She is the proud mother of six; three girls and three boys. Their names are Ron, Nathan, Edwin, Annabelle, Kelly and Flora. She lives in her hometown with her husband, two youngest children, her turtle Artura and her cat Freddie.  Her favorite writers include; Betty Smith A Tree grows in Brooklyn, Sharon Kane Little Mommy and she holds a special affection toward the works of Jim Henson. She admires Van Gogh and, particularly, his painting Starry Night.  Her favorite color is blue.  She also loves butterflies and zebras. Her favorite movie is Big Fish directed by Tim Burton.  Her favorite food is pizza. She was born on Sunday, September 2nd in 1973.  Her mother’s name is Suzanne.  Her hobbies include gardening, collecting coins and saving feathers.  She enjoys stargazing and watching the clouds. She really believes in silver-linings and “Lemon Days.”